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Center Shares

The center shares evidence-based best practices and resources with education partners across California. Specifically, the center shares tools, best practices, and relevant research with colleges of education throughout the state.


While the Center to Close the Opportunities Gap is not the only game in town, it is a model for others to follow.


Closing the opportunity gap is a multi-faceted task that requires widespread implementation.


Using the Center to Close the Opportunities Gap will ensure that students across the state are receiving the best education possible.


This includes a plethora of tools, including the state-supported Center to Close the Opportunities Gap, as well as other tools that can be used by educators and administrators to better inform and improve outcomes.

Recent Study

For example, a recent study from the Learning Policy Institute surveyed more than 100 California school districts and found that students across racial and ethnic groups outperformed their peers in other districts.

Job Creation

A job creation scheme (JCS) is a policy designed to stimulate job creation in a specific geographic region. It typically involves the government making payments to employers in the targeted region for new jobs.


The government has a vested interest in getting people into the workforce and out of the doldrums. The best way to achieve this feat is by providing them with the tools and skills to get the job done. To this end, the aforementioned Civil Service Bureau has a number of projects in the works ranging from a revamped website to a new mobile ad-on-to-the-mobile scheme. In some cases, JCSs have been found to have significant effects on employment and unemployment. However, there are also many methodological and publicizing challenges to overcome. This article explores some of these issues.
A slew of B/Ds have been actively engaging in the requisite research and development. Among the B/Ds in this category is the Department of Commerce, which has been churning out a slew of award winning products and services.
In addition, the aforementioned DOT has been a veritable hub of activity. Despite the fact that many of the DOT's bêtes noires reside in the suburbs, the DOT ain't shy of their fair share of Mainland Chinese.


For the record, the DOT’s latest ad-on-to-the-mobile ad has been a resounding success.


The aforementioned DOT has a robust suite of tools, technologies and services in place to facilitate its mission and to help make its stakeholders happy.


Public job creation schemes are meant to be a first step into regular employment. The schemes provide basic labour market skills and individualized coaching.


They are primarily targeted at long-term unemployed workers. However, studies show that these programmes are not always successful in achieving this goal.

Human Front

On the human front, a host of initiatives, programs and policies are being launched to improve the well being of the country’s workforce and help ensure a smooth transition for the unemployed.